Opinions of Antique Furniture from Photos

It’s been half term week and I have had to entertain one 11 year old daughter who came up with the goods yesterday.

While at school she has been working with The Young Journalist Academy were she had been given hand outs as well as learning how to present a article and be on the radio.

As I had two articles to write yesterday she came to help and put me in the right direction a couple of times which really did help me.

In are modern world we are flooded with images of products which we need so we are told. From the TV our computers or phones to magazine  and news papers and they are everywhere to which we automatically make our opinions.

It’s very easy to find a photo of a antique piece of furniture for research or if you are looking to buy we make a opinion with in seconds before we have done due diligence of physical examining the machinics of that piece.

We don’t judge a book by its cover so we also should not do the same with furniture.

The machinics are the most important eg. What timber has been used 1,2 or 3 different woods?

Is there any restoration, Are the drawers joints sides and bottom all the same.

Are the brass furniture correct or replacement  etc etc.

To make a judgement from a image of the fasard is very dangerous or us as monies or for scholars or historians before they experience first hand the feel, smell and physically everdense of the construction and once there decision is  made you’ll find it very difficult for them to say they made a mistake.

So its important to physical look at the piece, even take your restorer to help you look because if we don’t take care and obsorb before a decision is made you could loose a important piece of history or buy something which has no value.



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